I just got my hands on Titanfall an extremely hyped first person dubbed by many as a console seller for the Xbox One (even though it has also been released on PC and soon the Xbox360). And unlike a lot of games these days, it actually lives up to the hype. I deliberately didn’t join the beta as I wanted to experience the game in its final expected release date. I must say it has lived up to my expectations and I am thoroughly enjoying it so far.

I am playing it on Xbox One as I prefer my first person shooters with a controller instead of mouse and keyboard, and it is just an enjoyable fast pace game. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose a round of the game, you don’t get the feeling of either being overpowered or underpowered against the opponent’s team. When it was announced that it was only 6v6 (Six to a team), a lot of people said it wouldn’t be enough to be a fun team game. But with the addition of NPCs (Non Playable Characters) and the titans themselves which you don’t have to get into (you can set to auto) just seems to be right mix. You have to remember that this has been developed by Respawn – the guys who gave us Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and we know  that has made the Call of Duty franchise the biggest in the gaming world (even if I’m not a fan).

The game play is extremely fast passed even for a first person shooter . With very quick spawn times a round can be over rather quickly but they have developed the lobby so well that even at the end of the round within 180 seconds you are starting a new game. I will admit I am yet to play the “campaign” which is still multi-player as well but the classic multi-player is outstanding and really that is what this game has been made for. I am interested to see what they have built into the campaign to give a little back-story – perhaps later though.

I would recommend this game to anyone who enjoys a first person shooter that is fast passed, quick to learn and just an enjoyable game. Playing with friends makes the experience even better. Anyone out there wanting to join me on the Xbox One give me a shout.

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