2013 is the Year of the Game Release Fail

There have been many titles this year that were released and the publishers/ developers that’s just got it wrong. This has led many to call 2013 “the year of the release fail”. Games are huge businesses these days; so much so that we can see film studios move the releases of its films so their opening weekend will not coincide with a release of a Triple A game release. Continue reading “2013 is the Year of the Game Release Fail”

R18+ rating for Games in Australia is one step closer

With the announcement less than a week ago that the Senate has finally passed legislation to allow the states to introduce an R18+ rating for games. This however isn’t the final step; it still has to be passed by each individual state and territory. This is expected to happen shortly with SA to be the first for the rating to be come into action from January 1st 2013. Continue reading “R18+ rating for Games in Australia is one step closer”

My Media Setup

As every gamer knows, their setup to play is an important part of a successful gaming experience. Whether you are a console, computer or even a hand held gamer, where you play can make all the difference. As a console gamer my TV setup which is why I’ve gone with the full media setup including; Xbox 360, Media PC, DVD player, 6.1 surround sound and multiple screens to get the best experience possible. Continue reading “My Media Setup”