Red Dead Redemption

Yes I know it came out a few weeks ago, I had it pre ordered with the extra unlocks but I was playing Alan Wake first and I wanted a good play though before I made my final judgement on the game. Red Dead Redemption is the latest from Rockstar Games in its ‘open world’ style play set in the year 1911 in the American Old West territory. And I must admit I really enjoyed it.

Rockstar Games is considered one of the best for this ‘open world’ style of play with the success of the GTA (Grand Theft Auto) series, but for Red Dead instead of trying to be a realistic and serious like in the latest GTA 4 its gone back to its older style that I believe is less serious and much more enjoyable game. Which I personally feel to be one of the best Rockstar ‘open world’ games to date.

This is a true western as it can be; you spend most of your day on horseback riding around the country side helping others or yourself from bandits and the at times some very dangerous wildlife. With your trusty collection of weapons including your sidearm rifle, knife, dynamite or even your lasso to catch or kill whatever is in your path.

The game play is good; though at times I found it to be a little slow for my controls with the action cut scenes but other than that I think this is a great game and a must buy for anyone who likes a good shooter with an even greater story or a Rockstar fan like myself.

If you’re not convinced check out this trailer:


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