My Media Setup

As every gamer knows, their setup to play is an important part of a successful gaming experience. Whether you are a console, computer or even a hand held gamer, where you play can make all the difference. As a console gamer my TV setup which is why I’ve gone with the full media setup including; Xbox 360, Media PC, DVD player, 6.1 surround sound and multiple screens to get the best experience possible.

My setup is in a bedroom so the bed and bean bag is used as the seating in front of the TV Unit. In the TV unit I have:

  • Samsung 32 Inch LCD High Definition TV at 720p/1080i with HD Digital Tuner (LA32R81BD)
  • Samsung 250GB Hard Disk DVD Recorder (DVDHR755)
  • Xbox 360 Elite (black)
  • Media PC just a custom built pc running Windows Media Centre, some interesting points:
    • Hauppauge Nova-T-500 MCE Dual DVBT SD/HD Tuner (NOVA500MCE)
    • Logitech diNova Mini Palm Sized keyboard with media and ClickPad (920-000900)
    • 3 terabytes of storage
  • BenQ 20.1 Inch Widescreen LCD Monitor (FP202WA)
  • KENWOOD Amplifier  6.1 Channels Receiver  surround sound Dolby Digital® • DTS® • DTS ES® • Dolby Pro Logic II • DTS Neo:6 • THX® (KRF-V6090D)

All connections are done through digital means allowing for the best possible picture and sound. The input devices (Xbox, PC, DVD player) to the TV run through HDMI cables and the TV is connected to the amp through a fibre optic sound cable. Also the monitor is connected to the Media PC directly allowing for multiply items accross both screens. Below is a diagram of the layout.

Although not part of the media setup what I believe to be another important part of my setup is the in cupboard bar, including a bar fridge, area for mixing drinks, a shelf for the good stuff and independent lighting.

Because drinking is always a good addition to a fun gaming session with friends and something that should always be considered.

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