Lowrider – Round the World

Lowrider’s latest album ‘Round the World’ was released on Friday. And from the moment I started playing I knew they have continued with their unique style of Australian music. It’s hard to place this band into any particular genre and I believe that’s what makes this album a must listen for anyone who likes a little different style of hip hop, funk, soul mix.

The album has 2 sides the faster tempo and the nice and chilled sounds towards the end of the album. Normally when you get a very diverse album, it is considered a concept album or the bands heading in a new direction but for Lowrider this is just business as usual. And this makes it a good listen for any mood you might be in.

Now there isn’t much more I can say about this album, you will either love it hate it there is no middle ground to be had, I just hope there is more love shown to a great Australian band.

Check out their single: Here We Go

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