Koolism – The ‘Umu

Koolism’s latest album The ‘Umu dropped last Friday and their group’s sound is only getting better. With so much great Aussie Hip Hop being released this year it’s hard to pick out some of the best but I think this album is up there for one of the best releases this year. With musical styles; from hip hop to RnB, with a bit of dancehall and reggae thrown in for good measure this is a must for anyone you likes a little hip hop in their life.

Koolism have been producing for over 17 years – these guys know what they are doing. They may not have the same internationally recognised named like the Hilltop Hood or Bliss n Eso but their underground following from their live shows is massive. This is a great album from start to finish, and I believe is best listened to in that way, even their more political tracks don’t seem to waver from the great sound and feel of the album.

SO if you have never heard these guys before and like a little hip hop in your life give these guys a listen, what I believe to be one of the best Aussie hip hop albums released this year.

Check out their first single from the Album Jam Hot:

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  1. Heeey… I appreciate the feedback, mate. Glad you dig the album. You have great taste! Haha.
    Easy, bro. Hope you’re well.

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