Bliss N Eso – Running On Air

Bliss N Eso’s 4th album Running On Air was released today and it’s another great album from the guys there sound has grown from Flying Colours and its not hard to see why they are one of the big guns of the Aussie Hip Hop.

Bliss N Eso have once again given you bang for your buck with another long album, this time 19 tracks long. But don’t think that mean that the quality of the tracks are less, each track has its own sound and feel. With many different collaborations from both other MC’s and DJ’s the tracks have a very diverse sound from start to finish. My only down point is the “skit” intro and mid way though that I feel is just a waste of time and effort on their part.

Anyone who likes any hip hop out there Aussie or aboard should give this a listen without a second thought, this may be the best Aussie Hip Hop Album of the year, if not then the album that most pushes the boundaries of what is Aussie Hip Hop. Check it out!

If you want a little taste listen to their first single from the album Down by the River

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