Battlefield Bad Company 2 – Vietnam

Ok this is yet another post about Battlefield Bad Company 2 but can you blame me when they keep releasing new features to the game? This time it’s a completely new game play using the games engine to take you back to the Vietnam War.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam is set in the 1960s war between the communist north and the Americans with all new period weapons, maps and vehicles. This expansion was released at the start of December and had just had its first new map release. Now in past posts I’ve complained about system lag and I’m not sure if EA have been updating their servers again or if there isn’t as many playing the expansion or those who are have better net connections but I haven’t had any lagging issues yet while in the Vietnam expansion.

The new maps for this expansion are exactly what you expect; battle damaged, close quarters and a lot of foliage to hide and run into. The look and feel of the maps is exactly how you would expect them to be in any game set in the Vietnam War.

The weapons choices are only ones that were available for the Vietnam War and what you would expect but the new addition that just says cool; the Flamethrower though not as good as you would expect is still fun to let the ignited petrol loose onto anyone in front of you and see them remain on fire after they have been hit with the stream.

In conclusion this is a must to any who have been playing Battlefield Bad Company 2 and has enjoyed the game. Yes there is a price attached to this expansion I think it’s well worth the money. If you want to have a look check out the trailer below:

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