Battlefield Bad Company 2 – Onslaught

Ok this is my 4th post on Battlefield Bad Company 2, so you might be getting a little over me have a bitch about the game. Well I’m here again for the same reason. Battlefield Bad Company 2 new game type is Onslaught, its great alternative to normal online play but don’t playing a public game if you want to kill anything.

Onslaught mode is the new game type for Battlefield Bad Company 2 it’s a cross between normal multiplayer and single player. A human squad of 1 to 4 players attempts to assault positions against an army of AI’s units. It’s great it allows for you to play similar to online play in the squad mode but allowing different options of numbers and difficulty. I have so far enjoyed it, myself and EnergiserX played through all the level the first weekend it was released and enjoyed the change in game play and strategy.

Now for the bad part, since that time I’ve played some games with Lostagent2 a few private games without a problem (can’t wait to get all 3 of us going together) but when I’ve joined in some public sessions with Lostagent2, problems exist with not lag like in normal online play but instead the AI’s have an almost god mode enabled, that I’ve unloaded clips into an enemy without causing any damage, walls from buildings destroyed and the AI hiding behind unaffected by the explosion. Although from my experience not all players in a public game are affected by this at the exact same time but it is intermittent and a death does not fix the problem.

So once again I find myself saying EA fix the problem with lag and poor servers with over 5 million copies sold across 3 platforms there should be something being done and quickly!

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  1. I couldn’t agree more, pull your finger out EA! It completely wrecks the feel for the game when bugs like this sneak into the production version. Very disappointing.

    I’ve spotted an AI, started shooting at it, reloaded, started running towards it still unloading a clip into it, now two clips down pulled out my knife to start stabbing when the AI makes the kill shot.

    Rebooting, rejoining, etc makes little to no difference. After being left with an unplayable game, I was forced to just turned off my xbox.

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