Battlefield Bad Company 2 – The Lag

Ok I’ve just had a gaming session with EnergiserX and Lostagent2 in Battlefield Bad Company 2, it’s been awhile for us and in that time there has been another update for the multiplayer and guess what? The lag has gotten worst, so bad in fact that it’s almost impossible to play.

I think the game is great and the multiplayer is one of the best for a war game I’ve played in recent years but the lag that we are experiencing is that bad it may cause me to stop playing the game.

Our theory for the increase in lag has come as a result that every update appears to have increased lag to the game. When the game was first released except the fact it didn’t have enough resources dedicated for all the players the gaming experience was smooth and had next to no lag. Over the few months the game has become worst normally after an update and even with the major increase of dedicated resources has not improved the problem.

During this session common lag experiences included:

  • Moving through walls or other solid objects
  • Fall through the floor both on the ground and upper levels or buildings
  • Weapons not reloading correctly even with the reload animation completing
  • Weapons swapping back and forth when changing weapons
  • Dying many seconds after you have been shot
  • Enemy’s not taking damage when shot.

All these work together to make a much less enjoyable gaming session which will cause gamers to stop playing the game and will give EA Games a bad reputation for poor quality of services.

So EA Games fix the damn problem!

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  4. si, hay muchas mejoras, la verdad es que yo lo noto mejor el battlelog, los cambios que han hecho me han gustado, seria un puntazo que hubiesen aumentado de nuevo la friendlist a 150 … es lo unico que me molesta ahora.

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