Battlefield 4 – 10 Beginner Tips to get Started in Multiplayer

The guys from the Neo-Terran Front [NTF] have given me a hand in compiling a short list of some of the things we think are the most important to beginner players of the latest Battlefield 4.

  1. Spot the Enemy!! One of my biggest hates is the lack of spotting by many players in Battlefield 4. It doesn’t matter whether you are shooting the enemy or not, just spot them (The Q button for PC or the right shoulder on Xbox is right there and it’s a quick thing to do). Even if it’s just for you if they move behind cover the red arrow above their head stays there for a time.
  2. Use the Test Range – One of the new additions to Battlefield 4 is the Test Range; it allows you to spawn with your multiplayer kit and weapons to test and practice with them. It also spawns the complete collection of vehicles to use allowing you to learn to fly or just hone your skills dealing with lock times or bullet drop.
  3. Class / Weapon Choice can be a tough decision. All new players come in with limited options available for primary, secondary and gadgets. Getting points will open up your choices but how to do choose what’s the best load out for the map and team you’re on? Think about what is going to give you the best advantage on the map; for example, playing Rush on one of the infantry focused Battlefield 4 maps is very different from playing Conquest on a large, open scale map. The first one you would be best off playing the Assault or Support class, while the latter might be a better idea to play as the Engineer class.
  4. Play the Objective – If you are playing a conquest map taking and holding points are key to winning the round. Rush gameplay is about pushing forward as a team to take the objective or if defending about covering as many areas and team mates as you can. If you’re only interested in killing and not going to help the team with taking or defending points, there is a game type for that called Team Death Match. Not to say that killing isn’t an important part of any game type but you need to help with the objective whatever it may be.
  5. Move as a Squad – the addition of a 5th member to a squad means that a great squad can be extremely effective. Even if you are playing by yourself or one or two friends a full squad is more effective than anyone on their own. The more people in your squad the more chances you have of keeping your Field Upgrades (see #6) and if you have a squad leader giving orders following them gets you more points to help with unlocking your next upgrade.
  6. Field Upgrades – A another new addition to Battlefield 4, previously you could choose a single specialisation that gave you more ammo or faster sprint that later unlocks allowed you to give to your squad. Field Upgrades gives you a set of 4 that unlock as your squad supports each other but unique to your player. These can be lost when every player in a squad dies at the same time, you will know when you are the last man in your squad by the game telling you in big letter across the middle of your screen.
  7. Team Work – I know this seems silly but helping out everyone on your team by dropping ammo or med pack regularly. You can tell if a teammate requires them by the icon above their heads. I can tell you how many times we have been in a situation where there are two of us at one point in need of ammo and another player is support but doesn’t drop ammo even though we request it. Another important thing especially for newer players is sticking together with other teammates two players can cover a better area then one.
  8. Safe Respawn – Before respawning onto a squad mate ensure they are in a safe area there is nothing worst then dying instantly after a respawn. The best way to check before hitting the deploy button is to check the map to see if there are enemy’s around and to check the spawn cam in the lower left of the screen. This is the view from the player you are about to spawn on and if they are under fire it will give a warning.
  9. Be Aware of Rooftops – No matter your kit there are times where hanging out on a rooftop can yield good results, engineers or snippers have the best results as it gives them a wide range to get some kills. That being said if the roof isn’t for you, beware with air vehicle you can get to any roof top and many roof tops have elevator access.
  10. Levolution – One of the big selling point of the game but what does it mean? Well it means there are more areas that can be destroyed with explosives; your current path blocked? Will why not blow up a wall and flank them. Also certain maps have a special ability to destroy a key building or open up a completely new path to an objective or have a set event that will occur at any point in the round.

We at the Neo-Terran Front [NTF] hope you find these beginner tips helpful and we look forward to providing more specific tips and tricks for kits and vehicles.

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