Battlefield 3 – 10 Beginner Tips to Get Started in Multiplayer

With the help from my fellow Neo-Terran Front Platoon (NTF) member; Lostagent2 (find us at, we have put together 10 simple tips to help out beginners (and maybe even some intermediate players) to get going in the Battlefield 3 cut-throat online multiplayer.

While some of these tips may seem straight-forward, it is astounding to see there are players still not using these to their full advantage in online games.

  • Adjust your kit and weapons – There are a lot of different weapons and each one comes with a large selection of different attachments – this amounts to hundreds of different combinations all with different advantages and disadvantages. With this many options it’s important to experiment with different load outs to get the best setup that suits you’re playing style, map and squad.
  • Work as a team – One of the many Battlefield 3 focuses is on team strengths. It is therefore in your interest and the team’s interest in winning to work closely with your squad and team mates.
  • Reload – It is always a good idea to reload your primary weapons between fire fights. Having five extra bullets in the magazine could make the different between you dying or the enemy. When your primary weapon is empty, switching to your secondary weapon is quick option but you’ll later need extra time to reload all weapons.
  • Spotting – As above, BF3 is a team game so spotting the enemy not only helps you take them down but helps your team mates too. In the event you miss the kill, you’ll still get a spot bonus. It all adds up!
  • Blow shit up! A lot of the walls in BF3 can be destroyed. If an enemy is hiding behind a wall… blow it up and he will either be dead or open to be shot! In some maps you can blow up higher walls that will have the rubble come crashing down on any poor sucker below it. In the new close quarters maps you can make holes in some walls just by shooting them to give you a little hole that you can pick off the other team as they come into view.
  • Drop medical and ammo packs – If you’re running as an assault or support kit with medical or ammo packs, ensure you drop them in convenient locations including high traffic areas and clusters of team mates. If you’re on the move, drop one whenever you stop or every 60 seconds. Also keep an eye out for flashing icons on the mini-map that these indicate critical supply levels of your team mates.
  • Aim for the head – Damage to the enemy’s head gives faster kills and more points. The sooner you kill them the less threat they pose to you and your team.
  • Don’t run from the enemy – See the enemy running towards you? Don’t run! Turning your back on them makes it easier for them to mow you down or knife you. Make yourself mobile and difficult to hit – this could be zigzagging, jumping or running right at them.
  • Always keep vehicles moving – A standing vehicle is a sitting target. Tanks and other vehicles move faster than infantry so keep them on the run with their rocket launchers. Vehicles are powerful tool in winning the battle – play them in an offensive manner (i.e. chase the enemy not wait for them to come to you). That said, don’t get too close or you’ll draw fire.
  • Can’t get a clean shot on an enemy? Suppression can make them move or allow another team mate to get the drop on them. You can supress them by shooting at them, shining the laser sight or flashlight in their faces. If they can’t see they can’t kill you or your team mates.

These tips will help get you on the path to playing BF 3 like a pro on Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3.

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