Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3 was released last week and I’ve been a little busy shooting everyone to get around to making a post. This is the latest release in the series and I think it might be their best yet, taking the best aspects from the last few modern combat games of the series and add it all together, plus some.

A given with any Battlefield games it seems, there is always multiplayer server issues and this is still the case but from their twitter feed, constant server upgrades and the newly created status page ( they seem to be right on top of it. The online is like any recent previous version but for the console the addition of server browser which is a standard feature for the PC version. They have added just straight deathmatch in the team and squad versions, this addition to Rush and Conquest game modes means that any first person shooter fan will be able to find something they like. The new unlock system that now unlocks special additions per kit, weapon or vehicle means that you have even greater control over the type of weapon you use and what your kit has. The only thing I’ve found with this that just doesn’t work for me is that there is limits to what your kit can have, e.g. Engineer Kit you can have rockets and repair tool, rockets and mines but you can’t have mines and repair tool. This is the case across all the kits that as open to choose your options there is still some major limits to what your 2 kit options are.

The recent addition to a complete single player campaign mode to Battlefield games has been a nice extra this one gives you a great feel of everything of all the different gameplay you can experience in multiplayer and the story line isn’t that bad either, not as fun and light hearted as the Bad Company’s campaign but still entertaining enough.

A new addition is the 6; 2 person CO-OP missions with set objectives like campaign but designed for the players to work in unison. Once again a diverse selection of game types giving you and a friend a great experience of gameplay and working as a unit. Now I have said you and a friend as some missions require you to work as a single stealth unit and that just can’t be done with just anyone even though the option is there for an open game. These missions have been designed for 2 player but Battlefield has been designed around the 4 man squad and that’s something I would like to see be added to the CO-OP options in the future.

Another addition is the new Battlelog site (, the social network for Battlefield 3 this site gives you real-time events for you and your friends check full stats and upcoming unlocks. It also gives you the option to join a Platoon (clan), be sure to join the Neo-Terran Front (NTF). This is really just Facebook for Battlefield 3, so check it out.

They have also taken the dogtags up a notch with the option to customise both the front and back of them, with unlocks through playing the game or special pre-order options. Check out for some more free tags.

Now the big debate between Battlefield and Call of Duty (COD) this is something that has split the first person online shooters for many many years. From this post and pervious posts you can tell I’m a Battlefield fan. I never got into any of the COD’s which has had a similar timeline although longer and more games. But personally I find the Battlefield games to be a more solid build and a better multiplayer to be played with friends, which is something that is important to me. So check it out; here is a gameplay trainer if you are still unsure.

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