Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

The latest in the Assassins Creed series Assassins Creed Brotherhood was released just over a week ago. For those who don’t know about them, it can be hard to explain the full game but simply Assassins Creed Brotherhood is set in Rome during the early 1500’s you are an assassin out to fight for what is right and killing many people along the way.

The story which is the biggest part takes the previous titles and takes them to the next level in game play and abilities. Though some of the controls can at times be hard especially with the 3rd person view and when the game changes the camera angle mid jump. That being said this is defiantly the best so far in the series with the new option of recruiting assassins to help you though the game and the ability to send them on their own missions.

A major new feature is the introduction of a multiplayer mode, where you are an assassin hunting fellow players while being hunter yourself. his I personally think is a little wasted that could have been used to add more into the single player as Assassins Creed has always been about the single player. I have player it and although it isn’t as bad as I expected, I found that at times it can be hard to find enough players or when you have the time for all players to be ready takes longer than the 10 min game session. While in the area it isn’t as slow as you would think but it can be very slow and the controls don’t always work as quickly as you would like.

In summary this is a great game and is definitely the best in the Assassins Creed series but I’m still not yet convinced about the multiplayer. This is a must to anyone who likes something a little different to your standard action games.

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