Halo: Reach

Halo: Reach was released the other week, I know I’m a little late but even with picking up my pre-ordered Limited edition on release date I didn’t get a chance to play till the weekend. This is the latest release in the Halo Universe from Bungie, set in the build up to the original Halo game, and this is the pinnacle of all that is Halo. Including all the best in the multiplayer from all the previous releases including a new game type you can’t get any better than this from Bungie. Continue reading “Halo: Reach”

Koolism – The ‘Umu

Koolism’s latest album The ‘Umu dropped last Friday and their group’s sound is only getting better. With so much great Aussie Hip Hop being released this year it’s hard to pick out some of the best but I think this album is up there for one of the best releases this year. With musical styles; from hip hop to RnB, with a bit of dancehall and reggae thrown in for good measure this is a must for anyone you likes a little hip hop in their life. Continue reading “Koolism — The ‘Umu”